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"Their commitment to helping us succeed is genuine, making the entire experience not just a transaction, but a collaborative journey towards achieving our business goals."

Why we are Unique

With over a decade of experience, we have guided startups through every phase, from ideation to acquisition. Our proprietary AI technology and predictive data analytics provide unparalleled strategic insights. At Pro Business Plans, our experts take a hands-on, bespoke approach, carefully tailoring each engagement to address clients' unique needs and opportunities.

We also offer on-demand access to our elite network of Fractional CFOs, who bring Fortune 500 experience to the table.

Our History

Founded in 2012 by Chase Hughes, Pro Business Plans began by filling a need for strategic business planning services. Since then, we have evolved into a powerhouse, offering a comprehensive suite from pitch decks to competitive intelligence. A key milestone was the introduction of our AI-powered ProAI platform for unparalleled insights.

Our recent integration with an elite network of Fractional CFOs further enhances our strategic capabilities. With over a decade of experience advising startups and enterprises globally, Pro Business Plans is committed to strategic excellence and being a trusted partner for growth.

Client Highlights

We have guided hundreds of startups from seed funding to successful Series A raises and beyond, helping them secure millions in growth capital. Our strategic plans and investor materials have been instrumental in major acquisitions and IPOs for enterprises across industries. We have partnered with AI and machine learning companies to map out product-market fit, refine their models, and articulate their value to investors. Many ecommerce leaders attribute their rapid growth and expansion into new regions to our insightful market entry and growth strategies. Our Fractional CFO engagements have steered biotech and pharma startups through regulatory hurdles to commercialization. From seed stage to unicorn status, we have worked with ambitious companies across sectors to turn their visions into reality.


Crafting Strategic Growth Plans Since 2012

Let Pro Business Plans elevate your vision. Our decades of experience have empowered thousands of startups and enterprises.

We blend Fortune 500 expertise, data-driven insights, and tailored solutions to help you fortify your market stance and propel your business to new heights.

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"this is the second problem this wonderful website is helping me to solve and is bringing me closer to my dream every day"


Adebanjo David Oluwatoyosi

"This is actually really great. Didn't expect all this detail with very little information, at least it'll be easier for me to edit to my preference with less stress."


Nasilele Sakanya

"We have been working with James and his team and we have been blown away by the thoroughness and detail of the plan. The service has been stellar as well. James and his team have been extremely responsive and we have enjoyed working with this company. Highly recommend."


Peter Nastasi

"Gave it one simple prompt and it generated a business plan in 10 secs. I thought it was a scam until I started reading it. Amazing Simply AMAZING."


Yosef Fantu

"such a great experience and tool very user friendly I would highly recommend to others"


Samwel Jonathan

"This company is actually a Saviour or young entrepreneurs. I believe once they need to be acknowledge."


Jessica Lartey

Want a do-it-yourself solution?

Explore Pro Business Plans' new AI based software, ProAI to instantly generate custom business plans and financial forecasts tailored to your business.


Customer Reviews


Nkanyiso Dlamini

“Great tool, you have to use it in your business!! I love it and look forward to using it more often for all my startups”


Afere Lawrence Alaba

“I supplied some basic information and AI generated my Business plan in few minutes! Awesome!”


jolaadura joy

“Within a short period of time. I'm so impressed. Thank you for helping”


Sophia Richard

“It helped me in getting my business plan ready and balling. Thanks to them, It was approved”


alma cañabano

“new ways to create business plan”


Richard Grady

“We are extremely happy with our experience working with Pro Business Plans. I would highly recommend them.”

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Our Commitment to Client Success

Over the past decade, Pro Business Plans has had the privilege of working with thousands of clients across the startup lifecycle, from ideation to funding to acquisition. Our top priority has always been delivering exceptional strategic advisory and achieving results for every client.

Addressing Client Feedback

- With a large client base, there have been rare instances of negative feedback. However, we take all client input seriously. - Our policy is to directly address any client concern in a timely manner and make every effort to rectify the situation. - We stand by the quality of our work and will work diligently to resolve any issues to a client's satisfaction.

Stellar Client Reviews

- We're proud that the vast majority of clients have had an extremely positive experience partnering with us. - You can read hundreds of 5-star verified reviews from startups and enterprises we've worked with. - Their success stories continue to motivate us to deliver outstanding strategic advisory and empower entrepreneurs.

Our Promise

Should you ever have any concerns as a valued client, we encourage you to reach out to us directly so we can quickly understand and resolve the issue. We stand behind the quality of our work and are confident your experience with Pro Business Plans will be an overwhelmingly positive one. We look forward to potentially serving you!

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